What Happens During the CoolSculpting Session?

What Happens During the CoolSculpting Session?

After an in-depth session with your CoolSculpting® practitioner you have now arrived at the clinic for your session. You know that your session is only going to last a few minutes, but what happens in those few minutes? While you are relaxing, catching up on the latest series or finishing that interesting book, what is the CoolSculpting® machine doing to give you your dream physique?

Your practitioner would have placed a gel pad on the treatment area and placed the applicator on it. The gel pad is a safety measure to ensure your safety. The applicator uses vacuum to suck in pinchable fat in the treatment area and begins cooling. The temperature on the skin reaches low temperatures and at which the sub-cutaneous fat cells begin to freeze and die1 In the session, up to 27% of the fat cells are destroyed2.

All this while, you barely feel anything except a mild tugging sensation when the applicator sucks in the fat and the rapid cooling sensation in the beginning. In a short while, that cooling sensation is replaced with numbness3. In the days following the session, your body automatically removes the dead fat cells and disposes them naturally4. And just like that, you are on your way to a fitter body.

Now that you know, what are you waiting for? Go realize your dream today. Just remember to find a registered CoolSculpting partner for best results.


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