Reducing fat is not as tough as you think!

Reducing fat is not as tough as you think!

To look better is what everybody wants. Some people want to look fat, some of us want to look slim and a very few are okay with how they look. Therefore, be assured that you are not alone in this journey of getting the better look.

If you want to look slimmer, reducing fat is a right solution. However, the treatment you choose determines whether the reduction process is easier or tougher. That’s why the factors you should look for in a treatment are vital and indispensable. Here, we are listing the top 3 factors you must consider before choosing a fat reduction treatment in India.

1. Safety

2. Efficacy &

3. Comfort

Nothing else matters the most, concerning health, other than these three factors.

Among the options available to reduce fat, CoolSculpting® as a treatment stands apart, as it covers all the afore-mentioned factors.

COOLSCULPTING® – To be Slim without Surgery1

CoolSculpting® is a renowned procedure to shape your body, by reducing unwanted fat and it makes you become slim without a surgery1,2,3.

During this procedure, the excess fat in body gets frozen and crystallized4,5, through controlled cooling. Later, your body flushes off the frozen cells automatically5,6. The entire treatment is simple and solution-oriented.

Thousands of people across the world prefer CoolSculpting® for body contouring. The success of CoolSculpting® shows how effectively it is mounted upon the top 3 factors, which have been mentioned earlier and explained further.


It is quite normal for human nature to look for safety, throughout the endeavors. Particularly, we take extra precaution, when it comes to health.

CoolSculpting® ensures safety through inbuilt sensors that monitor temperature and avoid freeze burns. Notably, CoolSculpting® has been the only US FDA cleared non-invasive fatfreezing procedure.

Since there is no surgery involved1,2and it is completely an external procedure, the chance of facing threats is less compared to that of other available fat reduction methods.

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Results are evident through CoolSculpting®, as one can see visible changes after 8-12 weeks5, depending on the number of cycles performed. CoolSculpting® is not just for one body part, but it can be used to reduce fat from areas such as chin, arms, flanks, abdomen, back and thighs4,5.

As it is carried out by experts after meticulous assessment, personalized procedure is assured to deliver expected results.


CoolSculpting® confirms and delivers comfort and relief during the treatment.

The entire procedure, for a CoolSculpting® cycle, takes just around 35 to 60 minutes6, depending on the area being treated. As there is no to little downtime2-4, you can get back to your routine soon after the treatment. It also allows multi-tasking and you can be at ease reading or watching movies, etc.

Stay comfort, be ready for efficacious results and be assured of safety. Try CoolSculpting® today.


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Note: CoolSculpting® is a product of Allergan.

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