CoolSculpting VS Fakes

CoolSculpting VS Fakes

Over the years, CoolSculpting® has carved a name for itself. It is one of the leading non-invasive procedures all over the world1. It is also the only fat freezing technology to have the coveted US FDA clearance8. Naturally, the brand CoolSculpting® has gained repute and with it a lot of imitators and fakes. Competing brands and cheap knock offs have made in-roads in the market by using the popularity and the demand for quick, painless and non-surgical fat reduction solutions.

Apart from the high probability that the ‘treatments’ using counterfeit machines will yield no result and will be a waste of your money, there is considerable danger and risk to your health.

CoolSculpting® has taken many precautions to ensure that your safety and comfort is paramount during your treatment.

Patented technology such as Freeze Detect®2 is in-built with CoolSculpting® machines and continuously monitors the temperature. CoolSculpting® is the only FDA approved machine for Cryolipolysis3-6, a technique for destroying fat cells by freezing them and removing them from the body normally and automatically. It is a technique that removes up to 27%7 of the sub-cutaneous fat from the treatment area.

The next time you walk in to a cosmetician’s clinic for CoolSculpting® insist on seeing the machine and the logo to be sure that you are getting the best and only the best.


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