What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Unwanted hair on the face and body is one of the commonest problems and can be a question of distress for men and women. Waxing, shaving or tweezing, etc. are some of the types of treatments that can help in removing unwanted hair temporarily. However, if you want long-term freedom from hair reduction, it may be worth considering a laser for your hairy woes.

What Are The Indications Of Laser Hair Removal?

The indications of laser Hair Removal can be classified into the following conditions:

What Are The Types Of Lasers Used For Removing Hair In Mumbai?

Lasers such as the Ruby, alexandrite, diode, Nd YAG, and intense pulsed light are used for laser hair removal treatments. We at Dermalicious use diode technology for laser hair removal with excellent results and absolutely minimum downtime.

How Does The Laser Hair Removal Treatment Work?

The laser selectively targets and burns the dark melanin pigment in the hair and damages the anagen or growing hair follicle permanently.

Lasers effectively treat bigger areas of unwanted hair with minimal discomfort to the patient and lesser complications as compared to other methods of hair reduction.

More lasers are furnished with a cooling device that helps to reduce discomfort and protects the topmost layer of skin from getting overheated and probable changes in pigmentation.