The Pride of the Bride

The Pride of the Bride

How easy would life, as a bride-to-be, be if following Jeanne Damas’ maxim – ‘The more effortless you look, the more chic you look’ was as easy as it seemed? 

There are occasions in life which become special days: graduation, first job, first car, that coveted promotion, your first pet’s first birthday…and then there is the special day, the day of the wedding. Every bride wants that day to be perfect, from the seating arrangements, to the colour of the cloth on the chairs to the way she looks. Contrary to popular belief, this has nothing to do with pleasing her in-laws or to wow the crowd, that day has to be perfect simply because it is her day and she is proud of it. 

Walking in to the hall and having the crowd go ‘WOW’ is a feeling that words do little justice to. The bridal wear, makeup and makeovers aside, a woman’s physique itself plays an important part in determining how confident she feels on her wedding day. 

4 hours of sweating it out at the gym and months of carb free diet later, there are a few stubborn pockets of fat that just refuse to quit. What if there was a simple, effortless way to lose those pockets of fat and bring out those curves? Turns out there is a way. 

Fat freezing is a non-invasive1,2 and non-surgical method to lose stubborn fat and one of the popular techniques of fat freezing is CoolSculpting®. A simple and painless 35-minute procedure5,6,7 gives wonderful results. CoolSculpting® can be used to enhance the way we look by reducing fat from the abdomen, the arms, inner and outer thighs, and the flanks4. In addition to these areas, CoolSculpting® can also address front and back bra fat and the little pouch of stubborn fat above the knees.

CoolSculpting ® involves no pain, no downtime, no needles and there are no life-threatening side effects to be worried about. It is, what has been popularly known as, a ‘lunch time procedure’. Initial results can be seen in 2 – 3 weeks and in about 3 months, one can admire the results which are permanent4,5.

This is not to say that CoolSculpting® can substitute working out at the gym or leading a healthy lifestyle but it does give the bride-to-be a painless and effortless advantage and just helps fully embrace the pride of the bride on her wedding day. Perhaps, Jeanne Damas was right after all, effortless is chic indeed.


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